Diabact® continued

Diabact® UBT stands out through intelligent tablet formulation. Just take it with water. Fruit juice or citric acid not required, since the citrate is built into the tablet.

The release of the non-radio-active 13C-substrate is much quicker than in comparable compounds or preparations, and studies prove that just after 10 minutes, reliable test results regarding Hp infection for diagnosis or therapy monitoring are achieved.

In contrast to the liquid based tests the solid tablet formulation
has a number of advantages. Diabact® UBT solid dosage system minimizes false positive results in early breath samples by eliminating urea hydrolysis in the mouth and on the way to the stomach. The tablet disintegrates almost immediately and the 13C-urea is dissolved directly in the stomach.

Detection of 13C in a patient’s breath can be made with mass spectrometry or infra-red spectrometry. The value is stated as an absolute difference (excess) in the value between a pre-urea and a 10-minute post-urea breath sample.